Pioneering open ocean aquaculture since 2000

View of Santa Barbara Mariculture Farm from the ocean with coast of Santa Barbara California in the background
Steamed mussels fresh from the Santa Barbara Mariculture farm, looking plump, tasty, and ready to eat.

Hope Ranch Mussels

Santa Barbara Mariculture is proud to serve our local community.  The mussels we grow can be found in many of Santa Barbara's fine dinning establishments serving up spectacularly nutritious and delicious creations.

Farm To Table

Santa Barbara Farmer's Market


Corner of Santa Barbara Street and Cota Street

year round Sat. /  8:30 am - 1:00 pm


The Santa Barbara Fish Market

117 Harbor Way

Santa Barbara, CA  93109


Harbor Meat and Seafood

215 Helena Street

Santa Barbara, Ca  93101


Kanaloa Seafood Market

715 Chapala Street

Santa Barbara, CA  93101


Whole Foods Market

Southern California Region


Santa Barbara Harbor Festival

Once a year in October at the Santa Barbara Harbor



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