Pioneering open ocean aquaculture since 2000

Bernard on the boat of the coast of Santa Barbara working at the SBMC Farm

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Leading Scientists have compared all known food production methods, and have determined that shellfish farming in the ocean is clearly the most sustainable form of protein production on the Planet.


Santa Barbara Mariculture has consistently produced more shellfish in an offshore environment than anyone else in the history of the United States and we hope to continue farming the ocean in the future.


Santa Barbara Mariculture is in the process of spearheading a new permitting structure for open ocean aquaculture farming with the State of California.


The American seafood consumer has two options.


1)  You can either be satisfied with foreign imported seafood grown at lower environmental standards.




2)  You can roll up your sleeves and help make American grown seafood a reality.


For more information read a detailed article published in the Santa Barbara Independent:  Flexing Muscles over Mussels found here:




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