Santa Barbara Mariculture’s Farm is situated about 3/4-mile off of Hope Ranch near Santa Barbara California. The shellfish are grown utilizing submersible long-lines originally developed by the Japanese. The shellfish hang suspended off of the bottom where they can filter the nutrient rich water of the channel.

Our mission is ultimately to enrich the quality of life in our community. The farm was conceived and developed to produce top quality seafood without endangering or degrading the surrounding environment.

The open ocean is viewed as the last frontier for agricultural development, and Santa Barbara Mariculture plans to be on the forefront of this movement. It is the general consensus that aquaculture will supply the demands for the increasing consumption of seafood in the United States. We have studied the success and failures of past endeavors and are developing our own methodologies. Our techniques are simple and straight forward. We only grow species that can thrive in the environment without damaging it. No chemicals or feeds are added that would alter the balance of the ecology. We do not visually impair views of the ocean and marine life can move freely throughout the farm.

We harvest and produce quality seafood from our local waters. Through community awareness and education, we believe we can make a difference in how people understand aquaculture. We strive to provide the highest quality local seafood while managing and conserving our precious natural resources.


Santa Barbara Mariculture Company
4365 Cuna Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93110








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